Watch ‘Anyways’ by Marigold (Video)

By Emilia Jasmin
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Marigold is the brainchild of Benjamin M.Lieber. A Buffalo, NY boy that moved to the big city in the summer of 2018 to escape the small town burb life. In search for new inspiration, like-minded people and the endless opportunities NYC has to offer. He quickly found that this was exactly where he needed to be.

Ben has previously been playing drums in the Indie Rock band, Head North, since 2013. But in 2016, after 5 US tours and 5 releases with HN, he felt it was time to expand his ever growing creative passions. Thus, Marigold was born. This beautiful solo project, like all of his work, is full of charm, grace and warms our Tom Petty loving hearts.

A few words about the EP

“Swinging Sounds is a collection of 4 songs about change; about accepting that things start and end in life, and the beauty is in the process. “Anyways” specifically, is my ode to life on the road, and the frustrations of meeting new incredible people every day but not spending enough time with them to establish a significant connection. This song is for all my dear friends who’ve spent so many years touring playing music because they believe in themselves and what they create, despite the incredible hardships it takes to do so.”

Benjamin Lieber

Watch ‘Anyways’ from the EP ‘Swinging Sounds’ via Full Frequency Collective.



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