V.V. Lightbody - Baby Honestly

V.V. Lightbody shares new single “Baby, Honestly” on Acrophase Records (Listen Up)

By Minimal Beat
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V.V. Lightbody returns with the shimmering, dreamy, bossa-nova influenced, new single, “Baby, Honestly”. V.V. reflects her self-anointed genre, “nap rock”. Not to be confused for being sleepy “Baby, Honestly” lulls you into a peaceful state while speaking to V.V.’s experience with a nascent desire for “sin.” Speaking to the track V.V. says, “Baby, Honestly” is my “snake-in-the-grass” song that explores what sinning feels like as a chronic people pleaser. I wrote it at a time where I didn’t want to do what people expected of me anymore. Putting myself before others felt like the first “sin”, followed by stretching the truth and admitting that I was bored by a lover’s interests. “Baby, Honestly” is appropriately two faced: biting lyrics hidden beneath a lush and charming soundscape.” Baby, Honestly by V.V. Lightbody is out now via Acrophase Records and I think its her best yet!

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