#tbt Wire / Pink Flag (1977)

By Randy Nieto
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Year: 1977

Just two months after the Sex Pistols released Nevermind the Bollocks, Wire released their debut album Pink Flag. Lauded by critics and musicians, Wire never really achieved the same the level of notoriety in punk circles as The Clash or the Sex Pistols. The 21 songs on Pink Flag are short little punk gems, blending pop, art, and punk in a way that was unheard of at the time. Not quite as angry as the Sex Pistols, but with just as much attitude, the songs were undeniably catchy and spawned covers from R.E.M. to Minor Threat. In the years to come Wire would explore more Avant-garde territory in the albums Chairs Missing and 154, but there is no doubt that Pink Flag would shape the landscape of punk, Brit pop, post punk, hardcore, and indie music that was to come. Since not a lot of my friends listened to Wire, I felt a twinge of excitement and validation whenever my favorite musicians like Robert Pollard or Jeff Tweedy would remark that Wire was an influential part of their musical education. Having come full circle and playing festivals like Pitchfork, I guess you could say Wire are finally receiving the recognition they deserve in the indie world. Let’s hope that flame burns bright and long. Below is the album in its entirety.

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