The Velvet Underground

#tbt The Velvet Underground / VU (1985)

By Randy Nieto
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Yes, The Velvet Underground and Nico is the obvious choice for a #tbt article. It’s their most iconic album, produced by Andy Warhol, and stars the deep and cutting voice of Nico.  But if you’re reading a music blog, I can safely assume you probably already know that record all too well. So let me tell you the story of a different Velvet Underground record: While recording White Light / White Heat, VU recorded a whole bunch of songs that didn’t make the cut. It sometimes baffles me the songs record labels deem unworthy of release, as the Velvet Undergrounds worst songs would stand up to most songwriters best. Regardless, they were shelved by Sony, only to be resurrected later in the form of VU in 1985. Arguably the first indie/punk rock band to come into existence, VU fashioned rock ‘n roll jam sessions into instant classics, with the help of classically trained composer John Cale. The songs on VU are some of the best The Velvet Underground have ever written, featuring classics like “I Can’t Stand It”, “One of These Days”, and “Stephanie Says”, amongst others. The album ends with “I’m Sticking With You”, a duet between drummer Moe Tucker and Lou Reed. Beautiful melodies abound, this album is perfect whether you’re a seasoned Velvet Underground fan or it’s your first time hearing them. Listen to the album on Spotify below…

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