The Breeders, Last Splash, Kim Deal

#tbt The Breeders / Last Splash (1993)

By Randy Nieto
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Since we covered the Pixies last week, it felt appropriate to write a piece on The Breeder’s Last Splash as a follow-up. Their sophomore effort was highly anticipated, and as the Pixies popularity peaked and Alternative music became much more widely accepted throughout the listening public, our indie queen Kim Deal branched out and began composing her own music with The Breeders. Their first album, Pod, written with her sister Kelley, Tanya Donnelly (Belly, Throwing Muses), and bass player extraordinaire Josephine Wiggs, didn’t achieve much commercial success despite having some pretty great tunes and the signature live sound of Chicago producer Steve Albini. Having another go at it, the second time around Kim & Co struck gold with the single Cannonball. This song infiltrated the airwaves, and put The Breeders on the mainstream map. (Side note: I was busted for shoplifting this single when I was 14. Don’t steal, kids!) Despite the incredible pop edge to this record, it’s actually quite genius in its musical composition. The songs show great variation in melody, and employ unorthodox yet super catchy changes and hooks.

The difficulty I find in writing this column is that it’s pretty exasperating describing how an album actually sounds because I realize you as a reader are never really going fully understand until you actually listen to the record. I’m just here to gently steer you in that direction. Check out No Aloha below.


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