#tbt Primal Scream / Exterminator (2000)

By Randy Nieto
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Bridging the gap between punk, electronic, and industrial music, Primal Scream‘s Bobby’s Gillespie set out to make a record that merged all of his influences, resulting in seriously one of the best album’s of the aught’s.  I cannot stress how important this record is, but first a little history. Gillespie actually served as a drummer for a short while for The Jesus and Mary Chain, but even back then he had already started Primal Scream. The Reid brothers were not fans and were worried that his attention would be divided, so naturally they asked him to dissolve Primal Scream to focus on The Jesus and Mary Chain full time. He refused to do this, a ballsy move if you ask me because JAMC were getting pretty hot. After creating a popular acid house record with The Orb producing, Primal Scream recruited Mani, fresh from the breakup of the Stone Roses. Genius move, as Mani’s cred and sick bass playing skills really elevated Primal Scream to another level. After creating Vanishing Point, (with titular song Trainspotting from the movie), they began working on Exterminator. Punk at heart while wearing an electro-sleeve, Exterminator attacks and pulls back, but mostly leans towards aggressive in the most hook-laden way possible. The opening track even has a soulful feel to it. The record cycles through several different genre’s, as a masterful sonic mosaic.  These Scottish rockers earned their place in musical history, check out Blood Money below.


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