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#tbt Ladytron / 604 (2001)

By Randy Nieto
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Sometime in the mid 90’s we began moving away from the indie rock lo-fi archetype that was born in the early 80’s, and began embracing a hybrid of electronic and rock that would come to inform a future generation of indie stalwarts. As this new genre of indie emerged, so did a more dance oriented genre, which would ultimately encompass the indie subculture and begin taking headlining spots at some of the world’s biggest festivals. Thanks to pioneering bands like Daft Punk, dance music left the dark recesses of clubs and hit the mainstream. Early on in this freshly tilled electronic soil a seedling of a group named Ladytron emerged. Laying down dancey beats, catchy synth tones, and haunting melodies from two female vocalists, their infectious grooves were a power that could not be denied by the music industry and public at large. 604 was a crowning electronic opus in a time when bands like the Strokes and Flaming Lips ruled the indie scene. The lyrical content varied, but mostly revolved around the complexity of dating and relationships. This dancey little record paved the way for bands like Cut Copy and MGMT to take to the airwaves. Check out He Took Her to a Movie below.


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