#tbt Dinosaur Jr / Green Mind (1991)

By Randy Nieto
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I know many people would argue that I should pick an earlier Dinosaur Jr album, prior to the departure of Lou Barlow, but this was the album that introduced me to them, so nostalgia wins this round. Wikipedia calls Dinosaur Jr “Alternative Rock”, and to be quite honest, I have no idea what “Alternative Rock” means, aside from rock music that came out in the 90’s that wasn’t Ace of Base. Yes, it was an alternative to the other music coming out at the time, but it doesn’t really accurately describe what a 3 piece such as Dinosaur Jr accomplished. Mostly guitar driven, Green Mind’s oozes the 90’s indie rock sound, seeded in the art rock scene that sprang out of the late 70’s and 80’s. Contemporaries such as Sonic Youth come to mind, but the wall of sound Dinosaur Jr created seems to have more of a destination than many of Sonic Youth’s compositions. The hook on Puke + Cry seems almost beautifully obvious, while the guitar work is nothing short of impressive. Flying Cloud and Thumb show the range and diversity of Mascis’s songwriting. The Wagon is a rocker that starts off the album, and with clever lyrics like “Ring the doorbell in your mind / but it’s locked from the outside“, it’s hard not to get hooked. The cover photograph, Priscilla, 1969, is by Joseph Szabo and taken from his book of photographs Almost Grown. (Wiki). If you have not heard this album, check out the album track “Muck” below.


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