Depeche Mode, Violator

#tbt Depeche Mode / Violator (1990)

By Randy Nieto
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Do you remember the first time you heard Depeche Mode‘s breakthrough album Violator? I do…I was watching 120 minutes on MTV, and that was when I saw the video for Enjoy the Silence. The song was insanely catchy, and the video was pretty weird. It consisted of a man dressed in Kingsley garb, looking for a little peace and quiet and the perfect place to drop his lawnchair and read Dianetics in the Scottish Highlands. Will he find the perfect spot? What will the view be like? Is there enough light for him to read his book? All thoughts no doubt going through his royal noggin. But I digress… I’m here to talk about Violator. A stellar record, bridging the gap between 80’s new wave and the 90’s era of grunge inspired manic-depression. This record was not short on singles, and produced many Depeche Mode classics like Enjoy the Silence, Personal Jesus, Policy of Truth, and World in My Eyes. Even the deep cuts shine, and Depeche Mode are on full gothic stride in this record. But the great thing about it was you didn’t have to be a goth kid to enjoy it. I mean, even Wanda who worked at the mall and wore those funky, gigantic, pink hoop earrings was into it! I’m sure Depeche Mode had no idea they would be breaking down cultural barriers on that level. So what did a pop-goth-eletronic record sound like before Nine Inch Nails became crazy popular? If you don’t know, check out the video below. Contrary to the title, the song is not silent.

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