#tbt Chris Cornell 1964-2017  

By Randy Nieto
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It’s a little sad to be writing this #tbt due to a death, but today we felt Chris Cornell deserved a proper #tbt review and acknowledgement of his work. I’m not picking any one album from Soundgarden or Audioslave or even Temple of the Dog but instead want to talk about how much passion this man had for the music he wrote. On top of being an amazing singer, Chris Cornell wrote beautifully sad songs. He had a penchant for discovering a beautiful melody on guitar and writing howling, impassioned vocals over it. A lead member of several bands, it was clear he was the thought leader and music writer in all of his projects. Even though it was on the radio non-stop and I pretty much burnt out on every song commercial radio ruined in the 90’s, ‘Black Hole Sun‘ is still my jam and continues to be. I never got sick of it for some reason, which says a lot. But if you really want to hear some magic, there is a song Chris Cornell does on the Single’s soundtrack called ‘Seasons,’ that is absolutely amazing. I don’t think there is a song that exemplifies his talent more. Check it out below.

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