The Beatles White Album

#tbt Beatles / The White Album (1968)

By Randy Nieto
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I know what you’re thinking, not another Beatles “Remaster” re-release, with promises of new demos and remixed tracks. And while an average fan might not notice or care for the subtle differences in the new mix, when compared with the original remaster, the change is undeniable. The tracks are much louder and the individual instruments come in crisp and cleaner than ever. What’s most noticeable are the drums, now front and center, giving new life to grooves we never forgot, but were never able to hear this clearly until now. The album also includes new Esher demos, recorded at George’s pad. It’s amazing how great they sound in such raw form. Often times the “White Album” is characterized as a collaboration of solo material between the fab four, but this reissue reminds you how hard this band worked together to write each and everyone one of these songs. Listen to “Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Take 19)” below and stream the whole release on Spotify.

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