Stop The Press Wu Lyf Releases Go Tell Fire To The Mountain

By Randy Nieto
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Let’s get things straight here. Wu Lyf stands for “World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation”, and they really aren’t kidding. They describe their music as heavy pop, although I think it falls more into the realm of Bad Ass. With hooks that smack you upside the head when you aren’t looking and vocals that have more passion than an underage kid drunk and dancing at a MGMT concert, this record is not to be fucked with. The title track, LYF, starts out slow, but builds into a resounding anthem, with vocalist Ellery Roberts yelling “I love you forever!” as a somber organ, manic bass, and crushing drums paint the background. They make good use of the organ throughout the record, but it is never unaccompanied by melodic reverb filled guitar riffs that really give you the meat of the pop hooks on the record. The songs begin from beautiful, lo-fi passionate ballads to yelling in your goddamn face, but in a good way. Believe me, if there was a good way for someone to yell in your face, this would be it. The band is liberal with their breaks, allowing for intense buildups, with short, bass, guitar, and vocal breaks separating another buildup. Sounds pretty intense, I know, but this record is not for anyone with pacemakers or a hangover. However, beneath the layers of energy and passion lie some really catchy and inventive changes and harmonies. If you need the fuel to quit your job, break up with someone who’s been treating you badly, or if you just want to rock out, this is the album for you.

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