MySpace, Oprah and Martha Stewart: A Conversation With Holy Motors

By Patrick Tsotsos
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TMB contributor Patrick Tsotsos had a chance to hang out with Chicago band Holy Motors for the day and they talked about possible touring, the new EP, Myspace, Oprah, gear,recording and Martha Stewart…

The Minimal Beat: You guys just released your first self titled EP last August.  How and where did you record it and what was some of your favorite gear used in the process?

Brandon Reed: Yeah man, it was first release as a band. We were very excited to get it out finally since we’ve been playing so much. We recorded at the lovely GunHed Studios, home to our very own Brad Althaus. And if I told you our favorite gear used then it would be no fun trying to guess, now would it? But we do love our Orange amps, and vintage Fenders.

The Minimal Beat: You guys have a lot of rad gear, are you subject to brand loyalty?  What is most important for you in your purchasing decision?

Brad Althaus: We’re a little rough on gear; number one it’s gotta be able to take a beating.  I’m a little partial with old Fenders and I love my Ric bass.

Brandan Reed:  Yea I’m a fan of Orange, great amps.  Usually anything black and old.

The Minimal Beat: Marry, Fuck or Kill – Oprah, Rosie O’Donnell or Martha Stewart?

BA: Marry Martha, she cooks like a beast.  Oprah has got to be fantastic in bed, Rosie gets the third option.

BR:  Marry Oprah and fuck Martha Stewart. I also would kill Rosie O’Donnell. Oprah would make a pretty cool sugar mama and after a good go with Martha I bet she would make us a kick ass dinner. Or before, that would make more sense.

The Minimal Beat: How long have you guys been together and how’d you meet?

BA:  We met at a studio up north waiting in the lobby.  Brandon was playin some tunes, and I asked what they were.  Rest is history.

We’ve had a steady stream of drummers grace our ranks, but we’re feeling pretty good about Courtney Grove, the latest and hopefully last.

BR:  Courtney hits like a goddamn war hammer and he makes great moonshine.

The Minimal Beat: Do you guys have any plans for working on a full length album?

BA:  We’ve just been writing and recording as fast as possible.  Having our own studio (GunHed) to practice and record in has been a huge help.  We’re definitely planning for a full length album in physical form within the next 6-8 months.

BR:  For right now we’re going to keep pumping out 4-song EP’s.  We love the full album format, but if music’s ready to release, why wait?

The Minimal Beat: Who created your EP artwork?

BR: Our awesome friend Allen Stoneberg.  The man is a quiet wizard with the ink machine.

The Minimal Beat: What’s the funniest thing to happen at one of your shows, whether it was a mistake on stage or someone in the crowd being an asshole?

BR:  Nothing too drastic yet, besides the usual drunk people acting a fool.  Brad’s fallen into the drum set a few times.

BA:  I also tore the ass of my jeans like taint to waist at the Hyde Out.  Didn’t notice till I got back in my car though.

The Minimal Beat: Do you lads have any plans for a tour?  

BR: Yes.

BA: We got a show Sep 19th at Live Wire Lounge. It’s this cool 2 day mini-fest deal. Called “The Filthy Rockers Ball” We’re pretty excited for that one. And then the 28th we are gonna throw our own monthly show at our very own Gunhed Studios.

The Minimal Beat: Who’s on your record player right now/current book?

BR: Marty Robbins.

BA: A band we played with a few months ago from the east coast called Creepoid.  Cool stuff.

The Minimal Beat: Any upcoming shows?

BR: We’re playing Livewire Lounge on September 19th.

The Minimal Beat: Where can we hear your music?  Ya’ll on myspace?

BR: I’d say the best way to find us is either on Bandcamp or Facebook if not there, try Myspacing us, haha… maybe we have one I don’t know.


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