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#tbt Nitzer Ebb / Belief (1989)

By Randy Nieto
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So before I started to write this article, I did a little research on Nitzer Ebb. I have been a fan since junior high, but I realized I knew absolutely nothing about this band. And then I came across some information on Wikipedia, which sounds familiar, so I most likely read this a long time ago and completely forgot, which tends to be my modus operandi. Anyways, to give you an insight into how these guys think, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia: “Nitzer Ebb began when Bon Harris and David Gooday asked Douglas McCarthy to sing in their band. They shared an interest in witchcraft, talking to trees, and collecting runestones in Chelmsford and Little Baddow.” Classified as EBM, Nitzer Ebb really helped shape the direction of dance music, from an island somewhere in between industrial and EDM. Pulsating basslines and a military style rhythm dictate most of their songs, coupled with McCarthy’s barking vocals, created compelling and authoritative dance music in an era where Whitney Houston and Poison topped the charts. Nizter Ebb’s music went on to be pretty popular in the club circuits, and helped get us to where dance music is today. Check out “Control, I’m Here” below.

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