Lo Fantasy By Sam Roberts Band (First Listen)

By Natalie Burris
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After agreeing to write this review, I hesitated.  Being a fan of Sam Roberts Band for years now (and having previously praised them on this very blog), I was convinced that this would be difficult to write… worried that I would only be able to describe the album as “Sam Roberts-y”. Luckily for new listeners and old fans alike, the band has given us a new experience. The opening number, “Shapeshifters“, is an upbeat dance track unfurling a gateway of musical exploration that is Lo-Fantasy. It gives listeners a fresh taste for what the rest of the record holds. Experimentation with 80’s synth fills the intro to “Metal Skin” and leads us to the most addicting song on the album with an upbeat, sunny California beat. The 80’s influence appears once again later, and much heavier, on “Chasing the Light“. This Tears For Fears inspired track sets a perfect scene for your John Hughes prom-scene fantasies. We all have those, right? Not to say they steer too far from their traditional sound… Anthems such as “The Hands of Love” and “We’re All In This Together” (which premiered on opening night of this past NHL season) remind us that the band has not forgotten their classic rock roots: A pinch of psychedelica and a dash of rock n roll mixed together to create their magic. Guitar riffs that grab your interest, and Roberts’ lyrics that capture and keep your attention. With songs already being selected as Best New Songs of the Week most recently on Esquire Magazine, perhaps this is the record that will break in America and give them the recognition they so deserve. Listen to the opening track Shapeshifters in it’s entirety below. Lo-Fantasy is set for release Feb 11th on Paperbag Records HERE. Catch them on their upcoming US tour HERE

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