CREWSHADE Raise You Up ft. Penn Badgley

Listen to “Raise You Up” featuring Penn Badgley by CREWSHADE (Video)

By Minimal Beat
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CREWSHADE seeks to fill a void in mainstream music – mixing gay, straight, black, white, thrash, hip-hop, garage, psych, country, pop, abstract etc. The idea is to represent as much as he can in one breath without confusing the listener. The only way to do this he found out is if it happens naturally. So, CREWSHADE aka Jimmy Giannopoulos (LOLAWOLF, MOTHXR) set up a studio in his Brooklyn apartment and put in a metaphorical revolving door.
Let as many artist pass through that are willing.

“When you do something like that, have an open door policy, you never know what your gonna end up with or whose gonna make the cut”.

Not only did Jimmy find the sound he was looking for — he found out that he’s not the only one who was craving the same thing. Together, this new reiteration of CREWSHADE has recorded over 100 songs and is now gearing up share its voice with the world. Listen to “Raise You Up” featuring Penn Badgley, Nigel Harris, Jamie McGregor, Emiliano Oritiz and James Pollis.

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