Kubrick or Lynch? A Conversation with BRONCHO

By Randy Nieto
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Ah, Pitchfork Festival. This is our favorite fest – it books many of the bands that speak to us the most. I have to admit, I was slow for press bookings this year… I did not secure many interviews, but the one I did get…. boy it was a good one. One of my favorite bands as of late, BRONCHO, was playing an aftershow at Subterranean. I met Ryan Lindsey outside of Sub-T with my photographer Spencer, and we climb three stories to the top of the venue where we encounter the rest of the band in the tiny green room above the stage. Billy Changer is soundchecking right under us, and it’s pretty loud. Loud enough that we have to speak over the music, and the band offers to go outside for the interview, but it probably would have been louder outside. Plus, Billy Changer sounded awesome.

TMB: We are here with Broncho from..

Whole band: Oklahoma – T-Town!

(Bill Changer begins soundcheck)

Penny: Billy Changer!

Ryan: Yeah, that’s billy changer!

TMB: So you played the Carson Daly Show, what was that like?

Ben: The audience was cool.

Nathan: Yeah, the audience was great.

Penny: It was a festival.

Ryan: He came to us. He came to our show twice.

Penny: He came to our show.

Ryan: We made him come twice.

Ben: Carson came twice in less than 12 minutes.

Ryan: He’s a grown boy.

TMB: I was reading another interview with you guys that you started out as a film project.

Ryan: This guy knows a lot about film (Pointing at Ben).

TMB: I wanted to ask you your favorite soundtrack.

Ryan: Mine would probably be Beaches, but I don’t want to speak for everyone.

Ben: That’s good.

Nathan: For me, The Mission.

Penny: Oh god, I don’t know, there are too many. The Little Mermaid!

Ryan: You know that M83 band, the soundtrack they did. That’s not too shabby.

TMB: Would you guys ever do that, write a soundtrack?

Ryan: I think we’ve been doing that, waiting for someone to write a script. There’s enough tunes there to fill a movie. They just need to write a script!

Ben: All those script writers are lazy. Lazy bastards!

TMB: Ok. Fantasy collaborations… anyone you would want to collaborate with? Who would be you’re a number 1 person?

Ryan: Satan 1, Jesus 2. Jesus Sometimes 1.

TMB: Both of them at the same time? So would Jesus play bass and Satan play drums?

Ryan: I could see Jesus playing drums, or bass. Seems like he could go either way. He’s also an excellent front man. I think both of those guys are.

Nathan: I’m still thinking, I don’t know.

Ryan: I think both of those guys are very creative, and could come up with something very cool. Something we could make sense with.

Penny: David Lynch!

Ryan: Beyonce.

Ben: Hands down Beyonce.

Nathan: Next question.

Penny: Beyonce, yeah.

Ryan: I still have my 1 and 2 intact. Still with Satan and Jesus.

Photos by Spencer Nieto

TMB: So far on this tour, and all of your tours, do you have any favorite venues you’ve played at so far?

Ryan: Yeah, I think so far, we always love Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia. Johnny Brenda’s… it’s 100% every time, guaranteed.

Penny: And Fish Town.

Ryan: And Fish Town.

Nathan: Zanzibar.

Ryan: Zanzibar in Louisville is great too. They just did a remodel, and it feels great in there.

Ben: Spirits are high in there. Lots of rad music.

Ryan: There is lots of great music in Louisville. There’s the new stage, and it’s made to look like it’s in the middle of the woods. And there’s a giant pinball machine in the woods, and you can see the light  coming from the other side and it’s made to hit the other side, and there’s like trees on either side. They’re all painted. They got a lot of attention to detail there. He also has a one of twelve Batman ping pong machines in the world, and one of two that actually work.

TMB: Ping Pong machines?

Ryan: Pinball…yea pinball. I think I even said ping pong to him. But it’s pinball, and they got a great system for going there. Food, and ping pong.

Nathan: I think I decided mine. Dwight Twilley. And Flying Lotus.

Nathan: Flying Lotus would please get back to us. 908-229-****

TMB: We’ll have to censor that.

Nathan: It’s my number. So, call me.

TMB: Flying Lotus just put out some movie. It’s like violent and insane and weird.

Ryan: Really?

Ben: What’s it called?

TMB: I don’t know. Spencer, did you hear about the flying lotus movie? Do you remember that?

Spencer: No…

Nathan: We saw them at the same time at FYF, when we were doing Carson Daly.

Penny: Beach goth!

TMB: Did you say beach goth?

Nathan: Dwight Twilley played with us.

TMB: Have you guys played overseas? What’s different about touring over there?

Penny: The languages.

Ben: We get driven around.

Ryan: It’s kind of like a party limo. Like, if you were to take a party bus, and you put lights in there, and a movie or whatever, it’s basically like that, but then they got your gear in the back.

Nathan: Each country changes so much, like with every country, that you’re like constantly, aesthetically, pleased.

Nathan: Yeah, in the U.S. you can kind of go a few days with the same thing.

Ryan: Everything is so old over there.

TMB: Yeah I love old shit.

Ryan: Yeah.

TMB: Like, knights were walking in this building.

Ben: Yeah, in these streets.

Penny: And murders…

TMB: What about languages too, is it hard to like…?

Penny: It’s fun, to try..

Ryan: A lot of places like know English. And you just like, feel guilty.

Penny: Like the gas stations on the way to places. Which is the same here, people practically speak a different language.

Ryan: Those are the moments when I feel bad I only speak English.

Penny: Yeah, like total assholes.

Ben: Buddy up! We’re going to Brazil in February.

TMB: Really? That’s fucking cool. Where in Brazil?

Ben: We’re going to hit all the hot spots first…then we’re gonna bring it back up to Chicago, if we make it.

Photos by Spencer Nieto

TMB: What are the first albums that each one of you guys bought?

Ben: Brothers in Arms, Dire Straights. On cassette.

Ryan: Boys 2 Men. Cool Your Harmony. On CD.

Ben: Michael Bivens record. Bell Biv Devoe.

Penny: I think mine was Jagged little Pill.

Ryan: That’s the first one I bought for my girlfriend.

Nathan: Mine was MJ, the one with Black or White on it.

Ben: Dangerous.

Nathan: Yeah, dangerous.

TMB: I remember when that came out.

Nathan:  I take baths listening to it. For like, the whole thing.

TMB: Do you remember that crazy video with Eddie Murphy, he was the Pharoah, and Iman..

Ben: Yeah, Do You Remember the Time? With Magic Johnson?

Ryan: (Singing) Do you remember the time… we fell in love..

Nathan:  I remember world premiere videos… like Michael Jackson… they had world premier videos.

(Billy Changer had stopped, but starts soundchecking again)

Ryan: Do you know Billy Changer at all?

TMB: No, I don’t.

Ryan: I think you’d like them.

Ben: They have really cool songs.

TMB: They sound great.

Ryan: Yeah

TMB: What bands influenced this latest record, Double Vanity?

Ryan: I don’t know, that’s really hard.

TMB: Was there anything you were listening to a lot when you were working on it?

Ryan: Not really. It’s just one of those things where, I had a bunch of songs that I’ve been working on on my own, and we brought them all together, and it kind of made the most sense to throw a bunch of reverb over the top of it because they were slow. So it ended up sounding the way it is… that way. But really, we are kind of influenced by everything.

Nathan: D’Angelo.

TMB: That’s the new one, right?

Nathan: Like , 2 years. Yeah, we are listening to like, different stuff, all the time.

TMB: That’s what I was gonna ask…So are you guys like, all into the same stuff?

Ryan: I barely listen to music….

Ben: Oh my god… (laughing).

Ryan: That’s the scoop!

TMB: Haha that’s the scoop. You heard it here first folks!

Nathan: What a scoop!

Photos by Spencer Nieto

TMB: So Tulsa… any local bands that you guys are really into?

Ben: Dwight Twilley is really great. You mean, like, happening now, or from the past?

Ryan: Wink Burcham.

Nathan: Power rock band Planet What that we are pretty good friends with are pretty awesome.

Ryan: Lizard Police is another band.

Ben: And Wink Burcham.

Ryan: Penny’s got a band called Labrys who’s putting stuff out this week. And Nathan’s got a band called Breakneck… don’t tell anyone about it.

TMB: No, we wanna hear about all that Okay, I’m just gonna go through a really quick run of this or that. Not a lot of questions here.

TMB: Beatles or Stones?

Nathan: Stones

Ben: Beatles, for me.

Penny: Both.

Ben: yeah, both.

TMB: Whiskey or Beer?

Ryan: Tequila

Penny: Tequila, yeah.

Ben: Both.

Ryan: I like this.

TMB: Alright, Kubrick or Lynch?

Nathan: Kubrick.

Ryan: yeah, Kubrick.

Penny: Lynch.

Ben: Both at the same time. Once again.

TMB: Mochi or Gelato?

Ben: Gelato for sure.

Nathan: What is it?

TMB: Ice cream.

Nathan: Oh, I’m thinking of like, producer names.

Ben: Mine’s only cuz I haven’t had it. But,  I wanna have it.

TMB: It’s like dry ice cream. It’s fantastic.

Ben: Maybe that’s what I should go with.

Ryan: It’s made from like, sticky rice, right?

TMB: Yeah, it’s good stuff. I think that’s it.

Ryan: I was ready to go for lightning round.

TMB: Alright, well, thanks guys!

Photos by Spencer Nieto

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