Empty Bottle Presents: Beach Fossils Live in Chicago (Photo Journal)

By Matthew Allen
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GENERATIONAL SYNTHETIC: Brooklyn-based jangle punks Beach Fossils take over Chicago for an action-packed two day plunge performing at Do-Division and the iconic Empty Bottle.

Here are a few candid shots of the weekend by photographer Matt Allen enjoy!

Shah Jahan performing at Do Division

Diane Coffee caught changing outfits backstage mid performance

Chicago’s own psych-rock gang, Shah Jahan performing at Do-Division

Beach Fossils arrive in Chicago from their Holliday Inn in Skokie, IL

A “bring it in” before Beach Fossils go on at Do-Division

Tommy dialing in his guitar tone and setting up his pedalboard

Beach Fossils melting the crowd at Do-Division

Tommy plays holds down the band with his militaristic drums beats while playing with a traditional grip

Dustin and Tommy entertaining the masses at Do-Division

Dustin singing Prince’s “Purple Rain” with the audience as they’re pummeled by a Chicago summer storm

The day after Do-Division Fest I met up with Beach Fossils at CME where the group jammed on acoustic guitars playing goofy alternative pop-country versions of any song they could think of off the top of their heads

Dustin right before he purchased this George Harrison model Telecaster

Davidson strikes a pose with with a glammy Gretsch

Beach Fossils walking down North Ave. heading to Handle Bar for some vegan grub

Jack models a frayed suede jacket at a vintage shop in Wicker Park

Outside the Empty Bottle

Dustin shooting an average game of pool pre-show

A photo of the group getting interviewed by a college indie radio station

The weather was perfect for a summer Chicago night, Dustin wanted to walk around the neighborhood outside the Empty Bottle. I stopped him to take his portrait in front of a rose bush. A few girls yelled at us from a rooftop jokingly telling us to get away from their rose bush. I yelled back at them to let us on their roof. The girls then invited us on their rooftop and handed us a few beers as we watched the city turn from dawn to dusk.

Nikki playing guitar in Star Tropics

Star Tropics opening for Beach Fossils at the Empty Bottle

BF @ the Empty Bottle

Tommy bantering about Skokie, IL where Beach Fossils stayed

Beach Fossils and their “Animal Collective” moment exciting the crowd for their encore

Jack hiding on the ground as the band “leaves” for their encore set

Dustin joins the crowd and cheers for a Beach Fossils encore

Beach Fossils in the green room at the bottle post show

Overall I had a blast goofin’ with the boys during their two day Chicago take over. It was entertaining to hear the Beach Fossils guys talk about New York and it how it has and hasn’t influenced the current state of art and music, share hilarious stories of their interactions with other bands like The Drums and Craft Spells, as well as share their mutual love for Mario Kart, Snapchat, and terrible pop music.  It was great to meet a band that genuinely cares about their music and their fans and doesn’t let the slightest bit of fame get to them. Keep an eye out for their new record out sometime in 2016 via Bayonet Records (Dustin and his partner Katie’s label)!


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