Drop Everything & Watch “Gimme Gimme” by NNAMDÏ (Video)

By Caitlin Mahoney
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The first summer banger of 2020 dropped right when we needed it most. “Gimme Gimme” is the second track on BRAT, NNAMDÏ‘s formidable new album. It dropped 4/3/2020 on Sooper Records, the artist’s own label. The Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist wrote, performed, and engineered his latest release in full.

The vibrant music video, directed by New Trash, is a breath of fresh air for all of us at home. It encapsulates Chicago in the summertime, a phenomenon widely recognized by an entire city as the best part of the year.

You’re probably wondering: Where did they find that perfect child in the video? Last year, candid footage of Kylar Perkins dancing to one of NNAMDÏ’s live sets racked up some re-shares and caught his attention. The rest is history. You can check out Kylar’s very sweet review of BRAT on NNAMDÏ’s Instagram.

NNAMDÏ recommends listening to BRAT front to back, no interruptions, and on headphones preferably, if you hope to immerse yourself in the emotional journey he experienced making the album.

BRAT is available on vinyl, cassette, compact disc, and digitally for purchase here.

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