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Today, Chicago trio Dehd share their new video and single, “On My Side.” The song is from their forthcoming debut full-length, Water, out May 10th on Fire Talk. The song is one of the more emotionally raw songs off the record, and features a chill-inducing chorus from singer/bassist Emily Kempf. The video, which also features Kempf prominently (exclusively, one might say!), was shot as the band traveled back home to Chicago from this year’s SXSW.

“We shot this video on our way home from this year’s South By. The wide-open spaces of rural Texas have a certain magic that’s so different from the compact, vertical reality of Chicago life. There’s a sort of longing in the distant horizon that felt similar to what’s happening in the song. As we drove north, we kept our eyes peeled for the perfect stretch of land until we found this gravel road a little off the highway.”


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