Cafe Racer’s Seamless New Album “Shadow Talk” Out Now

By Caitlin Mahoney
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Chicago psych-rock five-piece Cafe Racer nailed it with the release of their third full-length album Shadow Talk, out now via Born Yesterday Records.

They dropped two singles off Shadow Talk earlier this year. “Faces” and “Zenith” are incredible stand-alone tracks, but skipping around doesn’t do the album justice. Shadow Talk achieves seamless flow. Enjoy it on a 47-minute drive, or perhaps during your allotted Stare At Nothing period of the same duration.

Shadow Talk is available for purchase on vinyl, compact disc, and digitally on Bandcamp. Consider purchasing your copy Friday, July 3rd. Bandcamp is waiving its share of revenue on their site on First Fridays, in an effort to support artists impacted by the global pandemic.

Listen to our interview with Cafe Racer (with special guest Deeper) and their guest DJ set, first aired live on Lumpen Radio 03/14/20. Bear with us at the top of the episode, where we speculate and worry about the crisis that was beginning to unfold around us. This is a real time-capsule piece, folks…

All of our past live radio shows are archived on Mixcloud. For more interviews and DJ sets by your favorite bands, visit us at:

Photos by: Daniel Delgado

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