Athenian Stella shares ‘Made To Attack’

By Bill Ocean
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Stella is already known as the most characteristic female voice in the Greek electro-pop scene. After many collaborations and guest appearances (My Wet Calvin, Sillyboy, Coti K., Expert Medicine, Nteibint, Sad Disco) and two side projects (Fever Kids, Chest) it’s time for her debut self-titled album.

The world of “Σtella” unfolds in 10 tracks where love for the 80’s is present, synths are bolstered by funky guitar and dynamic bass and disco beats and colorful pop textures embrace the unique vocals of Stella. The album was recorded in 2014, Stella has written music and lyrics and has played most of the instruments, while it was produced by Stella and Nteibint. Listen to the single ‘Made to Attack‘ below.

Σtella” available for Pre-Order on yellow vinyl, cd and digital album from Inner Ear.

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