White Mystery’s Alex White Picks Her Top 5 Australian Glam & Punk Tracks

By Randy Nieto
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Top 5 Australian Punk & Glam Tracks
By Miss Alex White, WHITE MYSTERY

1. “12 lb Toothbrush” by Madder Lake

One of the coolest tracks from down under! Dig this absolutely insane 1973 rock song from Australia. Read more here.

2. “I Like It Both Ways” by Supernaut
This super duper outer space glam band was from Perth, which is no-man’s land even in Australia. Dig their costumes! 1974, baby.

3. “Know Your Product” by the Saints
Okay, so this is a well known song, for good reason…it’s near perfect Australian punk from an iconic group, 1978.

4. “Working Man’s Boogie” by Coloured Balls
Bring me back to 1976, where Lobby Lloyde was god to working-class Australian sharpie punks, mullets ruled down under, dudes rocked Abraham Lincoln beards, and Gibson SG Deluxe axes on black & white TV.

5. “We Can’t Be Beaten” by Rose Tattoo
Yell this song at the top of your lungs with your friends, locking arms, sweeping down the sidewalks of Chicago. Style is on point too— 1982— bad ass.

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