Watch ‘The Distance’ by Gavin Turek (Video)

By Minimal Beat
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“I wrote ‘The Distance’ with the phenomenal producer Chris Hartz in the thick of a LDR. The simple message of serious longing for the person you love was wrought with hopeful pain for me. I think anyone so far away from someone or something they care about can relate,” Turek explains. “The video stemmed from my album artwork, brilliantly created by L.A. based photographer Hana Ardelean of TIGER TIGER. Her vision, captured by cinematographer Jessica Nicole Collins, led us to a simple performance adorned with sequins and light used in the album art. I loved the juxtaposition of a glamorous retro haze with a modern sound. Represents the vibe of my whole EP.”

Gavin Turek

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Gavin Turek just released the video to her new funky jam “The Distance,” from ‘Good Look For You‘ EP.

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