Washed Out announces new album ‘Mister Mellow’ (Listen Up)

By Minimal Beat
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Mister Mellow is out June 30th. Read more about the visual album here.

Washed Out | Mister Mellow

1. Title Card
2. Burn Out Blues
3. Time Off
4. Floating By
5. I’ve Been Daydreaming My Entire Life
6. Hard To Say Goodbye
7. Down And Out
8. Instant Calm
9. Zonked
10. Get Lost
11. Easy Does It
12. Million Miles Away

Mister Mellow is a “visual album“, mixed by the great Cole MGN, and featuring accompanying animated visuals from 11 different artists. According to the label, the record combines styles as diverse as “free jazz, house, hip-hop and psych” to create a “busy, chaotic, and caricaturish mix; one that quickly starts to feel like a mirror of the claustrophobic, hyper-stimulated psyche of most young adults.”

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