The Replacements, Let It Be

#tbt The Replacements / Let It Be (1984)

By Randy Nieto
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Our throwback thursday piece this week is on ‘Let it Be’ by The Replacements. Only an album this good can be named after such an iconic Beatles record. By 1984 the ‘Mats had grown tired of writing fast and loud punk songs, and really began to mature into their pop rock sensibilities. If I was a dumb teenager in the early 80’s and I loved punk rock, I might have called them pussies for abandoning their punk roots. I mean, where are the balls on this record? I tell you where the balls are… they evolved into neatly written power-pop hooks, which is infinitely more interesting. You see, not every band is able to successfully adapt and evolve their sound, especially without losing their fan base. The Replacements not only did that, but dare I say (I will dare), invented a whole new genre: Power Pop. Of course there are bands that came before them with catchy powerful hooks, but the ‘Mats took it to a whole new level. If you are one of those people who think they have never heard The Replacements, I will stop you right there, because I am willing to bet you have heard one of their songs in some capacity or another. Their influence permeates so many facets of popular media and is heard in countless bands, even today. The Replacements are the unsung heroes of rock, and wrote some of the most amazing music to come out of the 80’s. Check out the full album below.


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