#tbt The Charlatans UK / The Charlatans (1995)

By Randy Nieto
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Year: 1995

The self titled album from The Charlatans was their fourth effort and last record they released before the death of their original keyboardist Rob Collins. This record really shows how much of a key player Rob Collins was in the band, as most of the songs prominently feature leading riffs on the Hammond, Wurlizter, D6, clavinet, and piano. Initially a part of the British psychedelic shoegaze craze of the late 80’s and early 90’s, the Charlatans were now showing musical influences from reggae to gospel, but still managed to keep a Brit Pop guitar sound in league with Blur and Oasis. Tim Burgess’s vocal melodies on the record are infectious, and he hits high notes and falsettos with ease. Martin Blunt bass work is heavy and deep, it’s clear the band was listening to a lot of dub and hip hop around this time. Their subtle blending of different styles with heavy Brit Pop overtones has made this record a favorite among many music lovers. Unfortunately their most excellent drummer Jon Brookes passed away just last year. Check out Nine Acre Court Below (the song starts about 1 minute in).

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