#tbt Supergrass / I Should Coco (1995)

By Randy Nieto
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Punk rock and Brit Pop. Is there a better marriage than the one in Supergrass’s debut, “I Should Coco“? I think not. This trio from Oxford, England, influenced by blues, punk, and pop music, released this culture and genre defying album in the 90’s, to critical acclaim. At the height of Brit Pop, when Blur and Oasis ruled the airwaves, this little punk pop gem blasted through the scene, providing raucous and head banging songs that still had the sweet glimmer of catchy pop. The three somehow mirrored an early Beatles phase, with their carefree  and joking attitudes, mop/monkey style hair do’s, and air about them that made them seem like brothers from the very beginning. The songs on the album span several genres, from straight punk, through blues, acoustic, and the poppy piano driven single “Alright” made famous by the movie Clueless. A solid album, in which every song is a winner, and there is even a weird little chipmunks type tune throw in there for good measure. I should add that the background harmonies from their bass player are my favorite in indie rock. If you haven’t heard the record, check out the track below, ‘Mansize Rooster‘.

Supergrass, I Should Coco, Gaz Coombes

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