Soul Coughing, Irresistible Bliss, Mike Doughty

#tbt Soul Coughing / Irresistible Bliss (1996)

By Randy Nieto
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Back in the 90’s anything seemed possible. Our president admitted he smoked pot and didn’t inhale. Jon Stewart had his own talk show on MTV. People actually thought hacky sacking was cool. It was in these trying times that an unlikely band from New York, going by the name Soul Coughing, managed to break through the billboard charts and become a mild success. The band’s jazzy bass layered with samples and electronic elements became infectious with Mike Doughty’s poetic lyrics, which seem to flow from a stream of consciousness.

Not as obtuse as their first release, Ruby Vroom, Irresistible Bliss was a tour de force, with Doughty’s lyrics becoming more cohesive despite their non-sensibility. The bass grooves are catchy and the guitar minimal, which allowed for more interesting samples and noises to fill in the gaps. Mike Doughty’s quoted as describing the music as ‘deep slacker jazz’. One of my all time favorite records from the 90’s, Irresistible Bliss only gets better as the tracks get deeper and deeper into the record. Incredibly catchy with just a hint of weird, this album stands out as an underdog in the plethora of iconic indie rock albums released in the 90’s.  Check out the full album below.



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