Go! Pop! Bang! by Rye Rye (First Listen)

By Natalie Burris
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In 2007, I saw a pipsqueak of a girl come on stage to perform alongside M.I.A. With her childish voice and tomboy attitude, I was an instant fan. Due to several delays and a baby, it took three years for her debut album, “Go! Pop! Bang!” to be released. Unfortunately, it may not have been worth the wait. Her three popular songs “Sunshine”“Never Will Be Mine” (ft. Robyn), and “Bang” have already been heard for at least a year. “Bang”, my personal favorite, is even a part of her album title, but yet only featured on the deluxe version. Blaqstarr also produced the song as he has helped with many of her previous raps available on YouTube. Although the first song, “Drop” is pretty strong and true to her quick and high speech talents, the rest of the album falls into a bland pop category. “DNA” and “Crazy Bitch” (ft. Akon) have catchy dance pop choruses that could easily blend in with the rest of Nicki Minaj’s latest hits–(And I don’t mean Miss Minaj’s “Black Barbie”days. I’m talking about the bland stuff that she has been performing this year on Good Morning America.) She did manage to catch my ear with “Anything You Can Do” (ft. M.I.A.), which samples Annie Get Your Gun. With all my disappointment, this review could be a completely different story after a couple drinks in Boystown and Rye Rye playing on the dance floor.

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