Rock And Roll Monsters by Rambos

By Philip Stone
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By; Randy Nieto

If a band could be an amusement park, they would be Rambos. It is pretty evident from the very beginning of the opening track “Terrorize”, where the ride takes off with barely enough time for you to put on your seat belt, that Rambos is going to take you on every single ride in the goddamn park. They have all the fun of a punk band without the any of the angst. Straight up: this is a band for people who love rock and roll. There isn’t a single track on this record that doesn’t have a catchy lyric that pervades throughout the entire song. The vocals are often backed by a female harmony, which adds a light and almost group feel to the pounding drums and high energy guitar changes. Let me put it this way, I’ve actually had the chance to see Rambo’s live, and I was bummed when my friend from out of town couldn’t make it. If you like to dance around your apartment to rock music, pick up this record.

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