Peter Vogelaar & DJ Madrid Remix ‘All Saints Ascension’ by Poi Dog Pondering (Premiere)

By Minimal Beat
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Chicago native DJ Madrid met Poi Dog Pondering frontman Frank Orrall several times over the years. Having mutual respect for each others music they would discuss the idea working together but, nothing ever materialized until recently when Madrid was looking for material with Peter Vogelaar that it all came together.
“We have been avid fans of 70’s AfroBeat artists such as Fela & Femi Kuti, Tony Allen and William Onyeabor for years and when we hooked up with Frank Orrall and heard ‘All Saints Ascension’ we knew it was perfect for us to put an Afrobeat rub on it.”
– Peter Vogelaar
Listen to the Remix of ‘All Saints Ascension’ on Soundcloud below.

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