One Second Of Love By Nite Jewel

By Randy Nieto
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By; Randy Nieto

“I’m a broke record, you have heard this before” is how Nite Jewel, aka, Ramona Gonzalez starts off her latest album. Yes, heavy 80’s synthesizers are back with a vengeance, and the resurgence of minimal wave has made itself known throughout many a used record store in North America. She’s not the only artist taking this approach, but let me tell you folks, she does it extremely well. If Madonna and Lady Gaga went through a gothic phase and had an obsession with analogue synthesizers, I imagine their music would sound something like this.  On “One Second of Love”, Ramona hits arpeggio and never looks back, while quipping ‘One second of love, one second of love!’ throughout the song. “Mind and Eyes” is another poppy gem reminiscent of Hall ‘n Oates. Her voice soars beautifully on this record quite often, but she also manages to throw in little slide guitar licks, which keeps the songs grounded and poignant. This is the Siouxsie Sioux come back record you’ve always pined for. Strap on your Doc Martens, paint those nails black, and throw on this record before you hit the club.

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