Watch the video for “No Means No” by Dan Rico (Video)

By Minimal Beat
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Watch the new video ‘No Means No‘ by Dan Rico of his album DREAMY that is out now on TMB Limited. Rico goes on to say…

“Chicago has been a nurturing, supportive scene but sheltering. It wasn’t until I moved around the south a bit that I realized the music scenes are super segregated, just like the city. That’s when I decided I wanted to stop making garage rock and started venturing into a sound that’s more diverse and perhaps universal. I’m going to keep writing and recording music and it’s just gonna get better and better. I’m looking for pop music + poetry + realness, frankness about modern culture, the excitements and drawbacks of being alive in 2018″

Dan Rico

Check out some behind the scene shots of the video shoot. See below.

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