Mia Pharaoh by Miniature Tigers

By Natalie Burris
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Miniature Tigers released “MIA PHARAOH” at the end of March following their 2010’s “Fortress“. Unlike the previous album full of folky-pop tracks, their third attempt seems much more experimental featuring 80’s synth throughout the most of the album as well as added disco beats to add a little more punch. The record opens with “Sex On The Regular” and “Female Doctor,” both possessing R. Kelly lyrics that would make the perfect soundtrack for your next red bikini-wearing Phoebe Cates fantasy. Poppy choruses are prominent in almost every song, so get ready to have the “Easy As All That” chorus (“Baby, you make me crazy…”) in your head for the next week. And not only did they stick to just pop choruses, “Pleasure Princess” even dives into a very Drake use of auto tuning. All the mixtures in genres create something entertaining yet slightly confusing. Luckily, some tracks such as “Hologram Girl” stay true the band’s original sound. Looking forward to seeing which direction their next album will lead  them.

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