Fauvely Drops New Single “Haunts Me” (Listen up)

By Emma Kelley
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Fauvely, Chicago based singer-guitarist Sophie Brochu, releases dream-pop single “Haunts Me.” The single comes off of LP ‘Tides’ which was released on the 5th of October via Midwest Action Records. Fauvely further expounds on the inspiration for the track below:

I did a lot of reckless things when I was a teenager, including driving like a maniac around my hometown. I was toying with control and with my life, because I wasn’t sure it was something I wanted to keep. I was in a really dark place. One night, I really just lost it, and my dad sat me down in the garage and he was brought to tears. He told me I had to stop. So the lyric goes, “I remember the words my father spoke when he said I would not be alone. I drove so fast through the night, I cannot believe I’m still alive.”

Check out the single on SoundCloud below!

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