X Number Of Days by Deanna Devore

By Randy Nieto
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Coming right up and lovingly smacking 2013 right on the ass to start it off is Deanna Devore’s new record “X Number of Days”. You know when a friend is playing a song you really dig and you’re like “Who is this?” and they say, “Oh, it’s just this new record from so and so.” Well, so and so is Deanna Devore. The first track “I Tried” gets right down to business with a repetitive, haunting electronic melody.  Waves of keyboard sounds keep the rhythm with the drums, while Deanna’s voice carefully surfs those rad waves. The record mostly sticks to a dark, electro feel, although she strays into some pop territory in “Where Went Your Heart”. What strikes me most about this record is her soothing voice and how it compliments the drums. They’re quite well written, with a jazz/house influence that doesn’t overtake the rest of the music, but somehow manages to sneak in front with her vocals. If you like soothing female voices over dark clubby music, this album was made for you. Deanna Devore is playing her record release show January 10th at Chicago’s legendary Schubas. Now is the time to check her out while this record is hot off the presses.

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