Confess by Twin Shadow

By Minimal Beat
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A delightful piece of 1980s nostalgia, lyrical longing and lush electronic layers combine to create the mood of Twin Shadow’s 2012 albumConfess.  Synth, guitar, good beats and George Lewis Jr.’s emotional and powerful voice generate a sonic landscape that stays just below the surface.  Enough of a beat to keep you going without rioting into a full fledged dance party.  The subtlety of Confess is what grabs the listener and will guarantee a place in many 2012 best albums lists.  Album standouts include “Golden Light” a track that builds slowly and arcs with a catchy hook, “Five Seconds” a song that has dance-like-no-one-is-looking moments and “Run My Heart” is a tune meant for a Brat Pack movie that was never made.

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