Closing Shot EP by Lindstrøm (Listen Up)

By Adam Parrilli
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While I enjoy all 3 tracks, my favorite is the opener “Closing Shot.” It’s happy sounding warm synths and handclaps hint this is a dancefloor song for the summertime. I dig the pronounced (but enjoyable) “bah bah bah” repetition on the track, however, note the shift in tone around and after the 5 minute mark.
Track 2 “Algorytme” hits my sweet spot. It’s housey, has BONGOS, bounces and zaps.
Track 3, “Foehn” is cool, but the least essential track, with the caveat that it is downtempo and thus WOULD be most welcome on air as a “late night jam.”

Listen to ‘Closing Shot’ by Lindstrøm via Soundcloud below and download via Beatport.

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