Black Metal Darkness by Myrkur (Listen Up)

By Matt Muchowski
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Remember those two 12 year old girls who killed their friend because of Slenderman?  When they make a movie about the murder, Myrkur’s new album M could be the soundtrack. Like many other Black Metal albums these days, it’s a one person project, being (with the exception of some guest appearances) entirely written, sung and recorded by Amalie Bruun.  Bruun brings a breath of fresh air to a genre that is known more for losers in corpsepaint trying to ‘out-satan’ everyone else.  Instead, she expertly mixes sweet singing, terrifying screeching, and multi-layered vocals with metal guitars.  Think WarPaint meets Behemoth.  An excellent companion for fans of Deathheaven.  Myrkur is a great October listen, with melodic bridges followed by what could be the death cries of the goth girls of Salem, perfectly paired with your Pumpkin spice latte.  Play this for the Black Metal purists, collect their tears, and use them cast an incantation against the inevitable MRA troll’s who will hate on Bruun and this excellent record.

M is out now by Relapse Records, listen to ‘Skøgen Skulle Dø’ via Soundcloud below.

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