Beyoncé Releases New Song “Dreams” with Producer BOOTS

By Randy Nieto
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We all love a little (or a lot) of Beyonce, right? So it’s no surprise many people were excited to hear she has a new song out with producer BOOTS. An interview with Boots in Vogue explains how the collaboration came to be.

“I love that the song has me and what I’m doing in my realm and her and what she’s doing in hers, and it’s so completely opposite but they work incredibly together,” he says. “It’s just a really cool testament to our friendship and relationship to do something like this, and as natural as it was for it to exist in the way that it’s going to exist. I feel like I’ve been given my wings to fly. It’s the greatest kind of cosign you could get, from someone who truly, truly believes in you. As gifted and as brilliant as she is, and she is, to be able to believe in me in that regard is a really special thing.”

A male vocal duets with Beyonce, and I have to admit, it’s pretty catchy. The song has been hashtagged with #future.

Proceeds from the track will go to charity. You can buy it right HERE

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