‘Before This There Was One Heart But A Thousand Thoughts’ by Dave Harrington

By Bill Ocean
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Dave Harrington’s first solo release is a two track, multi-movement EP called ‘Before This There Was One Heart But A Thousand Thoughts’. Casting synapses between his work as a multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer, Harrington leads a sonic odyssey through this latticed world rich in wild experimentation and sublime, combustible beauty.

Journeys of rapture turn into journeys of fear and then to bright light. An upright bass creaks up and down woody scales for a moment of formless, astral groove then sizzles off to a field of shimmering tambura-like drones and reversed guitar chords. Clusters of percussive metal writhe and clang. Deep, growling static contracts and contracts to a point, pumping out new sounds like solar flares. The pings of a high keyed synth rush by like stars.

For Harrington, what begins as one ends in many places—every sound is infinite. Before This There Was One Heart But A Thousand Thoughts, is out next week on Nicolas Jaar‘s Other People label.

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